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Prudhoe Bay
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
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About these ANWR-Oil web images:
One of my goals in photographing the oil fields was to create a sense of proportion for the viewer. In many frames a truck or stairway can be seen that enables an understanding of size. In these web versions, the trucks or stairs may be hard to see, but most often they are present.

In the interest of time, I spent little of it adjusting the hues and tones in each image. So, color quality should not be judged harshly. Additionally, unless one is reading this on a color calibrated monitor, colors cannot be seen as they were created, anyway. These web images should be looked at primarily for content, and color adjusted to suit one's output medium only after the CDs have been purchased.

Preparation of Images:
These images were shot with either medium format film, 35mm film, or 35mm equivalent digital. The film used was Kodak Portra 160 VC and scanned with a Nikon CoolScan 8000. The 4:5 proportion images are the medium format frames; the rest are either 35mm film or digital. Final pixel dimensions are: 4800x6000 for medium format, 2400x3600 for 35mm format. All are 8 bit RGB with Adobe RGB as the embedded profile. The CDs of the images available for purchase contain: 1) layered Photoshop files at the above resolutions with the Background layer being the untouched scan; 2) flattened and sharpened tif files at the above resolutions. If jpeg files are needed, it is best for you to create your own since you know the necessary size.

Purchase Info:
A flat fee purchases all oil field and ANWR images linked from this page. Your organization will then have unlimited use of the images for promoting environmental causes with no additional fees. Licensing details are described in the contract agreement. For
purchase information, contact me, Jeff Jones, at:

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