Our Connection to Nature

With nature, the simplest acts astonish: a flower in bloom, the downward drift of a snowflake, the busy ant, the sound of wind, warmth of the sun, coolness of a breeze.

In large measures, nature’s astonishment abounds: a rushing river; mountain facets in sunlight and shadow; migrating caribou; geese honking overhead; a pod of dolphins leaping out of a smooth ocean surface; the silence of a sunrise, of a snow laden forest; the fury of a storm; the immensity of sequoias; the wind across the plains; desert vistas, vistas from a canyon rim, a mountain top, at sea.

In large or small measure, to be awed by such phenomena is to sense a world or universe that is grand, unspeakably beautiful and terrifying. Nature reveals our sense of wonder and our vulnerability. It increases our humility and hence, our humanity. Nature reminds us that at heart, we are compassionate beings.

Our lives also depend upon nature’s processes, a few of which are: the production of atmospheric oxygen through photosynthesis, the water cycle, and the growth of edible plants. Without them, we would perish.


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