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Glacier and Ridge Emerging from Clouds

Alaska Peninsula

National Wildlife Refuge



National Wildlife Refuge

Sunset Over Tundra After the Storm


National Wildlife Refuge

West Side Bay, no. 2


National Wildlife Refuge

Lakebed Dust-up_no.1

Great Basin - basins

Sunset Light on Fallen Juniper

Juniper Forests

Mountain Maghogany Above Canyon

Great Basin - ranges

Fog, Sunlight and Bunch Grasses

Sagebrush Sea

River Fog and Morning Sunlight

Columbia River tributaries

Temperate Rain Forest Light no2

Rain Forests

Mountain Goats and Snag

Dry Forests

Sequoia Forest Sunset

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Late Evening Break in Rain

A Wilderness Worth Saving

Soaring Sequoia

Future of Sequoias


Arctic Sanctuary

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